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Best Windows Laptops for Under $500

Buying a laptop can be stressful. It involves a lot of research. Laptops can also be expensive. You don’t want to spend too much or too little, right? I’ve compiled information for some of the best laptops that you can find for fewer than five hundred dollars. These laptops all contain the Windows program and are useful for a variety of things.


The Dell Inspiron 5447dell-inspiron-5447-left-1000-1036225

This Dell is about 380 dollars. Loaded with Windows 8, this fifteen-inch laptop is lightweight and even has a touchscreen. The battery on a full charge lasts for around seven hours and its Intel core i5 processor ensures that games, applications, and websites load very quickly. This has eight gigabytes (GB) of ram, so you’re able to do a lot of things at once without hindering the performance of the computer. There’s plenty of space to store photos, videos, and music. With a 720 pixel webcam, and sharp HD display, video editing, and recording can run smoothly. There are USB and media card reader ports for an easy transfer of files. This computer works best for the gamer personnel as well as creative videographers.


Dell Latitude XT2

The next Dell laptop is slightly cheaper at 340 dollars. This one, called the Dell Latitude (XT2), with only two GB of ram is more suited for professional use. If you’re focused on writing documents with a laptop of a twelve-hour battery life this one is perfect for you. This laptop is twelve inches long with an Intel core 2 duo ULV processor, so it still has decent performance. The best part about this laptop is the fact that the screen can flip around to create a tablet mode. In both PC and tablet mode, this computer enables touch screen on its premium LED display. It has the Windows 7 program loaded on it. There’s no camera on this one, but it does have a card reader and a Bluetooth option available.

Acer Aspire E


Another good brand is called Acer. The Acer Aspire E with the Windows 8 program comes at a low price of 230 dollars. It has eleven inches, light, and comes loaded with various office applications. Unlike the Dell Latitude, this one has a webcam and it is very useful for Skype to connect you with family and friends. With only two GB of ram, it still has reliable performance. It’s equipped with an HDMI port to hook your laptop up to your television for the ultimate entertainment experience. With a battery life of five hours and a Bluetooth option, you better get that business work done fast!

Acer Aspire ES

Next, we have this Acer Aspire ES topping out at about 480 dollars. This fifteen-inch computer with Windows 10 is perfect for the everyday user. With four GB of ram this time, it’s reliable for daily tasks. You can do more things at the same time and have a safe and secure storage system with Acer’s Build Your Own Cloud program. You’re able to store plenty of files, and chat with your family in good quality with the webcam and powerful speaker system. It also comes equipped with a USB port, HDMI port, Bluetooth, and even a DVD burner.

Lenovo Thht_lenovo_ideapad_yoga_jt_121110_wbinkpad

Maybe you’re thinking about trying the Lenovo brand. I would suggest looking into the Lenovo Thinkpad for about 400 dollars. This fourteen inch, with four GB of ram, laptop comes loaded with Windows 7. The Intel core i5 processor makes it easy and reliable to use for everyday activities, as well as gaming, watching videos, and for professional business projects. If you think that’s too much for your machine to handle, you can expand the memory up to eight GB. The appliance’s language setting only comes with English, so if you want the French setting too then you’ll have to look into one of the laptops mentioned above. There’s no camera, HDMI port, or Bluetooth, however, it does have a DVD burner, headphone jack, USB port, and card reader. It doesn’t have it all, but it has enough to be an extremely reliable laptop.

Asus Refurbished laptop

The final brand I’m going to discuss is called Asus. The Asus Refurbished laptop goes for about 390 dollars. With Windows 8, four GB of ram, and an Intel core i3 processor, it too has an English-only setting. Unlike the Lenovo, it has a webcam, Bluetooth, and an HDMI port. It also comes with a DVD burner and card reader. This is another machine meant for the average user. I wouldn’t recommend any gaming on this one unless you enjoy lagging. Even though it only has about four hours of battery life on a full charge, it is a very energy efficient computer.


All of these laptops are useful for different things. Make sure that you know what you want out of your machine in order to purchase the one that’s right for you.


 December 19th, 2015  
 Laptop News  

New Windows Powered XBox Experience Released

The wait is nearly over, my friends. The new Windows 10-powered Xbox One update is set to release in November. If you’re a current subscriber the update is free for you and, as Microsoft states, this update will bring a “complete redesign built on the cornerstone of Windows 10 and will be the fastest and most social Xbox experience ever.”Xbox_One_Sunset_Overdrive_Special_Edition_white_console_power_light

We’re ready, Microsoft — We’re ready.

The release at the start of the holiday season will prove to be a big win for Microsoft and the Xbox community. Last week, Microsoft completed its bundle rollout which included a specific bundle that is creating a ton of buzz around the community: The Xbox One Fallout 4 bundle. This bundle consists of a 1TB Xbox One console and wireless controller with 3.5mm headset jack along with Fallout 4. Also included are three full game downloads and a 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial.

All of this will be available on November 10th for $399. Find more information here:XboxOneNovemberUpdate

It’s also important to note that once this update is implemented, you can break out those Xbox 360 games again and play them on your Xbox One at no additional cost. Finally!

This update to Xbox will be powered by Windows 10. With the fantastic speed of Windows 10, gamers will get to the most popular and essential gaming features 50%, or more, faster. Gamers will join parties with virtually no wait time as well as receive crucial updates with no wait time.

This is a quick rundown of the most distinct features you’ll get out of this update:

An improved Home It will now be easier than ever to navigate the Home menus. Sharing achievements, access game hubs, check-in with your friends, and utilize the one-click access to news and updates from the community and game developers. You can see game DVR clips and add-ons for the games you’re playing and will have quick access to the newest content.

A new Guide to allow you quick access to all the essentials. Get to your favorite apps, friends, system notifications, messages, start a party with one click from this new style guide. You can access this guide even in the middle of gameplay.

Xbox 360 games can now be played on your Xbox One console. On the day of launch, over 100 titles will be compatible with hundreds more to come in the weeks and months ahead. Multiplayer titles can be played with friends who are still using the Xbox 360 console.Xbox-One-backward-compatibility

Added social features with the new community section. This new feature will allow gamers to dig deeper into what others are doing within the Xbox Live community and jump into the conversation right away. The added Trending section will allow players to view and discuss the most popular discussions and posts from players within the Xbox Live community.

OneGuide gets a new look and new features. At any given moment, you can view a list of the current viewer totals of trending shows in real-time. A new picture-in-picture feature is now available. The console will highlight TV shows and videos within the new App channels based on which apps you use and care for.

The store has been upgraded and optimized to help you find the things you love even quicker. Inside this new feature, you will find new ways to explore your content within the Apps, Motives and TV, Games, and Music sections.

This upgrade to the Xbox One Live experience was inspired and directly due to user feedback over the years. The fans helped create this milestone. For a more detailed breakdown of new features visit

The Xbox One Preview Program has been in full swing for a few months. Members have sent feedback to ensure the most flawless update possible.

One of the most impressive features of this upgrade is the implementation of Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual attendant. “Our plan is to add Cortana to the Xbox One experience later this year. From there, we’ll ensure that the experience is tuned for gamers before we officially launch Cortana in 2016,” director for programming at Xbox Live, Larry Hryb stated.

The reasoning for the delay is not known but, it’s likely due to the lasting problems with the Windows 10 operating system upgrades in July of this year.

Cortana will become your personal gaming assistant. Utilizing voice commands on the Xbox One console, Cortana will accomplish simple tasks such as, assist you in finding other gamers, find new games and new friends.

Happy gaming!


 December 11th, 2015  
 Gaming News